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Embrace your inner Dork because...Well, life is to short to be Cool.

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Your lovely moderators are pinkalixious and x_blender.

Read the rules before joining, please. Its saves all of us some time, and there will be no "I didn't know" in here. So read the rules carefully and understand them. If you don't understand then get a translator!
We are pretty nice, Jenni and I, just don't piss us off.


* If you take something please give credit to the creater...unless stated otherwise.


* I like drama in the theater and as a subject -but AS DRAMA WHERE "YOU ARE A BITCH" and back and forth whatever is NOT permitted. Don't do it or we will warn you and eventually Ban you.

3.Be nice.

*Do not come in here acting like you own the place because you know us or your our friend or even if your the best at graphics...be nice to people. Please and thank you.


*if you join please post. Atleast once, c'mon we don't bite....we nibble.ha.

5.Do not steal!

6.Don't direct link unless stated otherwise.

7.All banners and anything bigger that 100x100 must be placed under an lj-cut.

DO not steal things from our community whatever we post in here should stay in here. Do not restribute our icons,graphics,blinkies...whatever....Unless stated otherwise.

That will be all for now, we will be adding more later...unless all of you behave =)

We will be adding links to places that might help you with graphics or just places that are plain fun...later.

For now you can look at our lovely lookups ;)

Here we will be posting relavent or irrelevant things ...whatever lol.

Question:What the hell is your community about?

*Well here we do pretty much everything. Graphics of any sort, but we are also a "friend making" community. Which means we welcome all. yay. We encourage posting usernames for other sites so everyone can make new friends. What do I mean? Well...do you have a myspace? Post the link for it! Do you visit any message boards? Which ones are they and whats your username? Stuff like that. And we have nothing against post whores so post away! LOL. Promote your websites too! Whatever you want as long as its not filthy or offensive material. We take requests for graphics and we encourage our members to take requests for their graphics as well. Graphic trading is fun! Almost anything goes so join now!!!

Due to the fact that... well... we are new at this:

Community is currently under minimum construction...but we are open for requests and stuff!!!