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stamp it.

Promote us.

Made by: x_blender.

Promote us :)
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OMG! I LOVE! well i already told you i did, but yeah! They are the shiot. I dont know which one to use though.... =P
You need to make a blue one! So then it matches me! lol
Glad you like them meg....lookies :

To get url you can right click and select view source...NO DIRECT LINKING...BUT I will make an exception for promotion banners.
erm....won't let me post the code LOL
I WANT TO USE! lol May i use? *puppy dog eyes*
It tis liek the only one that matches me. so yeah I MUST USE!! .....Pwease...
OH YEA you can use which one you want =)
yay! I forgot what the other ones look like. lol I know they looked awesome though/ =P
Helllll yeah! BAUHAHAHAH!
Drew Barrymore one is so mine, lol. ;)
lol. I was going to use it then decided eh thats a jenni banner, plus color doesnt match me. =P